Detailed Equipment Data


  • Classification of equipment according to categories
  • View the usage status and location of all equipment
  • Manage location and transfer process between projects
  • From the calibration of equipment to their serial number, fuel consumption to technical information, identification and monitoring of all the detailed data
  • Recording and analysing fuel and oil consumptions and providing extra consumption estimates and reporting excess consumption
  • Specific information cards for each equipment type


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Monitoring Equipment Maintenance and Repair Processes


  • Create work orders and monitor their results 
  • Prioritize and manage equipment failure records 
  • Assign tasks to users who are responsible for fault reports 
  • Create an equipment-based preventive maintenance plan 
  • Schedule periodic inspections based on equipment 
  • Save the results of created maintenance schedules 
  • Put in reminder notifications about upcoming maintenance operations 
  • Track and report costs of maintenance performed
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Track Documents For Your Equipment


  • Purchase, rental, service, insurance etc. bills
  • Equipment labelling
  • Equipment visuals
  • Malfunction work order form
  • Transportation instructions, user manuals
  • Inspection and examination certificates


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Management of Unused Equipment


  • Reporting the reason and duration of the segregation process
  • Separation process depending on the approval mechanism
  • Following the sales and rental process
  • Establishing approval mechanism in sales and rental process
  • Calculation of cost of sold equipment


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Monitoring the Cost of Equipment


  • See the cost of first purchase
  • Record useful lifecycle information and reserved amortization cost
  • Monitor all operational aspects of the equipment along with transactional costs such as maintenance work, spare parts purchase, fuel consumption etc., beginning with the first purchase
  • See the costs of an equipment based on a project or lifetime basis
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Equipment Transfer


  • Identify the cost of items, such as insurance and transportation that may occur during transfer, separately
  • Save documentation about the transfer process
  • View all information about equipment from a single screen
  • Grade equipment conditions during the transfer process
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  • Detailed tracking of large scale machine equipment pool distributed globally using a single system 
  • Monitor ownership and operational equipment costs on machine life and project basis 
  • Scheduled, adaptable, detailed reporting tool 
  • Monitoring summary and critical data from a single screen
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Technological Proficiency


  • Easy to use 
  • Integration with ERP programs 
  • Web-based infrastructure that allows access via mobile devices from the field 
  • Integration with QR code reader applications
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