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All features are included 

  • Inventory Tracking 

  • Ownership and Operational Equipment Costs Tracking 

  • Machine Life and Project Based Tracking 

  • Fuel Consumption Tracking 

  • Efficient Maintenance Planning 

  • Warning System for Maintenance Dates 

  • Unused Equipment Management 

  • Equipment Transfer Information Tracking 

  • Web-Based Infrastructure That Allows for Access via Mobile Devices 

  • Equipment Document Archiving 

  • Monitoring of Summary and Critical Data from a Single Screen 

  • Integration with ERP software 

  • Integration with QR Code


Definition of User

Each user is defined by an e-mail address and each e-mail address corresponds to a single user. Example;

How can I pay?

You can start the 30-day free trial period anytime you want and when the trial period is over you can pay using your credit card or you ask for further support by contacting us.

What is the Payment Plan?

Payments are made monthly (“pay as you go”) and you can add or remove users anytime you want. This allows for flexibility of payment to allow for new users entering the system and those leaving it.

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