EGEM is an extensive machine equipment management software designed for companies to manage various sizes of machine equipment pool using a single system. Your projects and worksites, workshops and warehouses may be spread on different locations around the globe. Wherever you are in the world, if you have access to the internet you can access EGEM within your authorization, carry out your operations and get your reports. As a web-based application, EGEM allows hundreds of users to access the machine and equipment data wherever they are around the world in a secure way, in accordance with their level of authorization assigned by the system administrator.

In infrastructure projects in particular, tracking machinery and equipment, carrying out their periodic maintenance on time, controlling whether their repairs were carried out correctly or not, monitoring fuel consumption, proper recording of their work hours are very important, both for efficiency and worker safety. A single missed round of maintenance, one precaution that was not taken in time, one poorly made inspection alone can incur great costs and even worse, may create an environment enabling irreversible work accidents. Most of the time, carrying out regular controls on machinery and equipment is not enough, it is also necessary to document these controls to the employer, inspection firms and public authorities. EGEM allows for the tracking, recording and reporting of all these processes. Not only owned equipment but also all machines and equipment rented from external sources or rented out to other companies may be tracked using EGEM
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