We know how costly and important an item Construction Equipment Management is in the construction sector and large projects. EGEM was developed with the purpose of finding solutions to the problems and needs encountered in hundreds of projects and workplaces. Heavy Equipment Management is crucial for the companies. If your machines are lying idle, operating inefficiently or their costs are way overestimations, you need to notice these situations before it is too late. When a problem with equipment is encountered, it is not only the problem of those operating it, the project’s stakeholders are equally affected by this.

Any authorized persons who are involved in the lifecycle of the equipment can use EGEM.


By allowing for transparent operations, lowers the pressure on the individual and provides an opportunity for more efficient work.

Fuel Tank Supervisors

By allowing them to have complete data about consumption, the system increases their control power.

Machine Supply Managers

Makes it possible for them to spend more time with their team in the field and spend less time with documentation.

Machine Supply Engineers

By having detailed info about the maintenance and general status of the equipment, the experience less stress and can work with greater planning.

Machine Supply Directors

Can coordinate equipment to work more efficiently and authorize individuals.

General Managers

Can get the most efficiency from the device pool and increase profitability.

Finances and Purchasing

Can provide solutions to minimise equipment costs.

Business Development – Tendering Engineers

Can make realistic estimations using information from data.

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