ENKA Systems is a technology firm that meets the software needs of large-scale companies carrying out global operations.ENKA is the largest construction company in Turkey and ranked among the ENR's Top International Contractors since 1982. 

From the company's document management to financing, purchasing to human resources, equipment management to supplier network, ENKA Systems provides software solutions that can help them manage their core processes. ENKA Systems, in particular, focused on solutions that will meet the management needs of organizations that are spread around the globe and operate in an integrated structure. To this end, ENKA Systems develops software projects that manage wide-scale information sharing and organize the use of this shared data which requires accuracy, sustainability, timeliness and reliability above all things.

ENKA Systems was established as an affiliate of ENKA in 2017 in order to meet the technology and software needs of large-scale companies carrying out global operations.


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