SaaS, abbreviation of “Software as a Service”, is a technology which allows the users to access services using the internet.. Companies operating in B2B sector mainly choose the SaaS model instead of the older systems. Since the SaaS model does not require investing in servers, it brings along significant financial advantages. With the system operating with the “Pay as you Go” method, companies use the application via web browsers without investing in basic infrastructure, auxiliary software, application software and application data. All these infrastructure investments are picked up by the service provider.

The cost-effective SaaS technology allows for a series of new applications in the corporate ecosystem and the easy access of many people to these services. SaaS applications provide ease of use and eliminate the need for managers to provide long-term and costly training programmes to their employees in order to use these types of applications. Since the service is provided online via web-browsers, users are not required to purchase new and specialized devices. The service provided with the SaaS model can be integrated with a series of third party applications and solutions. SaaS solutions allow large and widespread teams to access related data as long as they have an internet connection, preventing coordination and cooperation problems. Data storage, security and maintenance are regular investments required for server-based systems. All SaaS providers also provide these services as a standard. According to the report prepared by the Global Cloud Index, by the end of the year 2018, 59 per cent of all technology services provided in B2B sector will be carried out using the SaaS model. Companies which prefer SaaS will adapt with the overall tendency and will be poised to take advantage of innovations.
Reasons to Choose the SaaS Platform


Widespread Usage Network

Less Dependent on IT Teams

Flexible Usage

Simplified Pricing Model

Try it Free for a Month

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